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XMLdation XML Validator®

- four weeks subsriction


XMLdation test service offers real time validation for XML files.

The goal of our validation service is to let you know whether a specific XML file is valid and offer clear feedback when it is not. Requirements for XML files differ for each bank and organisation, which means we analyze each organisation individually and implement validation services for them separately. This allows us to give you tailored feedback for the service you need.

Validation services specific for different organizations can be accessed from this website. All services contain both schema restrictions as well as all business rule checks defined by those organisations. See example report here (PDF) with wiki links.

Currently we offer only Finvoice 3.0 general wtih example files in our Store. If you need another eInvoice os ISO20022 standards, please contact our sales.

  • 4 week license is 1000€ +VAT


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The strengths of XMLdation test service are:

  • Every defined rule can be validated, including schema restrictions and business rules
  • Web based - no installation needed - can be used with a web browser
  • Informative validation reports in various formats and with attached wikilinks
  • Unlimited number of validations

Validation process and an example validation is explained in our wiki page

To find out what constitues as a powerful validation engine, please have a look at the details of validation service in our wiki.

In case you did not find the validation service you were looking for or would like us to create a validation service for your organisation, please don't hesitate to contact us.