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France (CFONB) 

XMLdation validation services listed in this page are made based on specifications released by CFONB, the national financial organisation in France.
Payment types defined by CFONB are based on pure ISO 20022 schemas (xsd). XMLdation validation service contains schema restrictions, as well as all business rule checks derived from the implementation guides published by CFONB.
The detailed information about the schemas and implementation guides can be found by selecting an item from the list below.
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XMLdation's validation tool links to the following, service specific wiki regarding some of the validation rules: https://wiki.xmldation.com/Support/CFONB

However, some business rules specified in the CFONB implementation guide are derived from general level specifications, like ISO20022 or EPC, and in these cases the wiki pages made for these organisations are often used instead.

The home page of the organisation is located at: http://www.cfonb.org/