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ISO20022 pain.001 Credit Transfer and pain.008 Direct Debit 

ISO 20022 is the ISO Standard for Financial Services Messaging. It describes the core structure of XML-payment files and is used as a basis for virtually every financial organisation offering transfers in XML messages, which constitutes a majority of organisations in Europe. 

The detailed information about the versions of the schemas and implementation guides can be found by selecting an item from the list below. Please note that these validation services only include the restrictions and rules defined by ISO20022 without bank specific flavors.

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In addition to defining the core structure of payment files in a schema (.xsd) file, ISO 20022 defines various rules which are not possible to be restricted in a schema file. ISO calls these rules as "R-rule" but they are often being referred as "business rules" or "ISO rules". For instance, XMLdation validation service includes around 40 rules for ISO 20022 Credit Transfer version 3, (pain.001.001.03) , two example rules are presented below.

When element PmtInf/PmtTpInf is present, 
then PmtInf/CdtTrfTxInf/PmtTpInf is not allowed.

Group Header ControlSum has to match with the arithmetic sum of 
all InstdAmt and EqvtAmt/Amt elements.

These rules, along with the other R-rules and schema restrictions can be validation with XMLdation service 

For more general information please visit ISO 20022's official page:  http://www.iso20022.org/. In addition and despite its name, a document ISO 20022 for Dummies gives a quick and easily understandable description about the standard.

XMLdation's wiki consists of detailed descriptions of rules and a screenshot of the schema where it is relevant: wiki.xmldation.com/support/ISO20022