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ISO20022 pain.001 & pain.008 Bundle

ISO20022 (pain.001, pain.008 )Credit Transfer and Direct Debit Test Packet

The packet includes general level ISO 20022 credit transfer and direct debit testing platform with ISO20022 specific business rules.

Credit Transfer versions included:

  • pain.001.001.02
  • pain.001.001.03
  • pain.001.001.04


Direct Debit versions included:

  • pain.008.001.002


More information at http://wiki.xmldation.com/Support/ISO20022 and http://www.iso20022.org 

License includes one user id for one company. Period is either one week or four weeks. 

Password and link to the user manual will be sent automatically after receiving payment.

Other test services can be seen from the webstore front page


Payment via

  • Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard via PayTrail 
  • Credit Card: Visa, American Express via PayPal
  • PayPal
  • email - Invoice - will be sent automatically after order




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